Font: Espejo Client FP

This is a typeface which simplicity gives it a very stylish, elegant and sober feeling.

Font: Cubic Client FP

Based on rationalist principles, this typeface gives great character and serenity to the designs where it can be used, also gives a futuristic and technological feeling.

Font: Retro-Techno Client FP

The very first typeface i ever designed, and thatīs why i am very fond of it.  It is inspired in the futuristic typefaces from 60īs and 70īs. As its name says, itīs a great typeface to give a futuristic feeling but with that "supersonics" retro touch.

Font: Snow-Dinamo Client FP

Typeface inspired by the cyrillic alphabet structures i am so fascinated by. This is a strong and forcerful typeface fantastic to give character and a powerful feeling to posters, flyers or any kind of design and project.


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