The Begining

Monday the 4th April - 2011

Hi, this is the first entry of this "Creative Diary". The reason which i have decided to do this section is that i think it´s interesting the fact to show and talk about how and why i do an illustration, print, canvas, design, photography or any kind of project. Where, how and find inspiration, how an idea comes out to my mind (some times the most silly way) and the way i research it, work it, the conclusions i get through all the work, its develop and evolution. The dialogue with the client, the understanding of his needs and points of view when getting a commission All this stuff that is part of the creative process of a piece of graphics or art. I think that maybe there would be people out there that can find all this interesting. .

Welcome to my "Creative Diary" where i do explain the creative process of the stuff i am wroking on.


April 14th

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