Client: Aede Project: CAnvas

Canvas design for the "El Libro Blanco de la Prensa" (Press´s White book) 2008´s presentation. Here i went for a very sober and simple design to transmit the idea of objectivity that the press has to have.

Client: Globo Digital Project: Advertising

In his advert for a Video producer company, i decided to use the company´s logo as if it was a prism where the ideas go through to become light.

Client: Ufix Project: Poster

Poster design for Ufix warehouses.

Client: Opción K Project: Advertising

Advertisng design and illustration.

Client: Dostiyo Project: Cartel
Final Art and Proposal

(1) Poster design to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the indian association.

(2) Proposal.

Client: Secuoya Project: Exterior Poster and Banderole

(1)Poster design and banderole (2) for the Benito Menni awards given by the Jesus´s merciful charity sisters.

Client: KG Business Project: Poster

Poster designed to incentivise the established business costumers and to bring in new ones. I wanted to give it a Jazzy and elegant image and decided to go for a purely typographic solution.

Client: Migraine Action Project: Poster

Poster design.

Client: UCN Project: Poster

Poster design.

Client: Shalai Project: Flyer Front and Back

Flyer designed to promote the non alcoholic soft drink Shalai.

Client: Shalai Project: Flyer Front and Back

I thought that as this drink is so healthy it could be introduced perfectly as a morning drink.

Client: Shalai Project: Posters Forest y Night

I thought, hey! this drink is a great mixer, why not introduce it in the club´s night life? The company loved the idea.


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